Baby Bump Painting for Mums-to-be

Face and body-painting is used to celebrate all kinds of special occasions, and what occasion could be more special than the birth of a child.

Baby bump painting (also known as belly art) has become a very popular way for women to celebrate their pregnancy. We began bump painting of mums-to-be as part of Red-Nose Day 2011, where Gita and the mums whom she painted raised a grand total of £1,392 for Comic Relief. In 2013 we are part of the nationwide team again to "Do something funny for money" More information here

Women generally find the process very relaxing. It is a time to just sit back and be pampered. As a keepsake we will take photos throughout and of the finished work. What better way to celebrate this special time in your life!

If you are interested in having your bump painted, or you are planning a baby shower and are looking for an addition to make the event particularly special for the mother-to-be, why not contact us to discuss how we can help.

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