Face-Painting and Painted Tattoos For Children

ChildrenChildren are among the most enthusiastic customers for face-painting and painted tattoos. Being painted appeals to their imagination - and when turned into a tiger or a princess they really get into the role.

 applying a white baseGita from Lapis Lizard says "It's very important to set children at ease. Some children, especially when they have been painted before, are straight into the chair and very definite about which design they would like to have painted. Others, particularly younger children who have not been painted before, need to be made comfortable so that they feel relaxed with the process. It is often advisable to paint a small design on the hand or arm the first time. They can see me paint and also show their design to everyone afterwards." (see also More Information/Health & Safety).


We paint children at numerous events including:

  • private birthday parties
  • school fetes
  • fun days
  • craft fairs
  • music festivals
first time - hand painting


 "I was delighted with the service you provided......You were great with the children and they felt very happy and relaxed being painted by you..."

 Olivia's mother 


  "I really wanted to thank you for helping make Josh's birthday a very special one indeed....beautiful work!"

Josh's mother



For photos of children's work see the children's gallery.

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