Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos are a beautiful alternative to painted tattoos. They are applied with cosmetic-grade glue and although not permanent, they will usually last a few days. They make a fantastic "accessory" to an outfit when going out, or provide lots of fun at other special occasions.

Lapis Lizard have entertained numerous girls at sleep-over parties, where we can offer free-hand designs, or more fun still - let the girls design their own temporary tattoo which is then expertly applied by Lapis Lizard.

Or how about adding a little bit of glamour to your daughter's or son's 18th or 21st birthday party?

 six glitter tattoos on 6 arms at a sleep-over party

Free-hand glitter tattoos at a sleep-over party


glitter tattoo - blue butterfly with black bodyglitter tattoo on arm red flower with blue purple swirls gold green and blue braceletglitter tattoo on arm purple flowers and silver swirlstransfer butterfly with gold and red swirls on arm glitter tattoo on arm blue flower and swirls     

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