"I was delighted with the service you provided. I thought you were very professional and arrived in plenty of time to set up.....your painting skills were fantastic and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone." Olivia's mother

seeing the finished result

"Thank you so much for last night. I spoke to several people who loved the designs you had done for them. I will make sure to forward your details to other societies I am involved in and also to next year's ball committee." Farha, Ball Committee

"Everyone thought your work was great, even my mum had something done on her arm. You really made the party. I was so pleased that you just got on with it as I was too busy to talk to you... I would definitely recommend you to friends." Aisha's mother

"I was thinking of organising a charity event...I thought it would add a great touch to have you there... I do think you have a real talent with body painting..." Tahsina, photographer

"Once the paint was on, being a pirate came naturally! Great transformations..." Phil

"Your company and talent made the evening more special." Nick

"I just wanted to say thanks for all you did to help make the event a success. The face painting was definitely a hit and it was great to be able to offer this free of charge to the children of Bracknell. We will definitely bear you in mind for future events when we’re able to offer this service." Tracey , organiser for "Love outdoor livin' "- event

"We were delighted with the day, and I'm so pleased you came along. My children had your beautifully painted art work on them for quite some time after the event, much to the envy of all their friends. You are a talented lady." Rosemary, craft fair organiser Woodstock

"The children enjoyed the face painting very much and it was a really useful addition to the range of things at the party. (Lapis Lizard provide) a great addition to a children’s party, with an friendly, efficient and value for money service." Matthew’s mother

"I would heartily recommend Gita to anyone because she was so careful to organise everything beforehand with the result that on the day she arrived in plenty of time and had everything she needed. She has an exceptional talent, not only in the artistry of her work but in making each child that she painted feel comfortable and special, gauging how long they were prepared to sit and what would make them happiest. Every parent and child at the party was incredibly impressed and the birthday girl felt like a princess. Lapis Lizard is an extremely professional service and a godsend for a busy mum. I got on with the food and the party and Gita - having established my requirements - got on with delivering. Fabulous." Anna's mother

"Gita's artworks are truly works of art and we have never seen so many happy little customers!" Roberts's mother

"Thanks for all your hard work and for contributing to a successful final event. I’ve had lots of positive comments (and the designs were brilliant!). I’ve kept your details for future use."

Artisitc director, Pegasus

"We really did have a great time that night and it wouldn't have been nearly so fun if you hadn't made us all look the part! Lots of my Kent friends have been really jealous that they weren't part of it." Claire

"Many thanks once again for all your hard work and helping to make our day such a special one. People re still writing in about the party and saying what a great time they had! Even the adults with no children enjoyed watching you at work and one or two said they wished that they had got in the queue! Many thanks again, I’ll be in touch soon." Shelley's 25th wedding anniversary party

"And we especially appreciated Gita's face painting service. A lot more children came yesterday than we expected. In spite of the number of children Gita served all of them and they were very happy with her wonderful painting!" Korean Community Group

"Thank you, Gita, for offering your services and for all your amazing work. I know that you were one of people's highlights - you added something a little different...and a little special. We will definitely bear you in mind for future events." Adele, ball organiser

"Thank you so much for doing such a fabulous job at our street party - if I had a pound for every time someone said to me "she's the best facepainter I've ever seen" I'd be rich, so I trust you got some good referrals from it? I'll be in touch the next time we need you, but definitely considering adult as well as children ....." Sarah, Chiswick Street Party


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